Tragon’s facilities are amongst the largest and most technologically advanced in the world. In 2009, we built new facilities from the ground up in Redwood Shores, California and Deerfield, Illinois. Each location has been specifically engineered to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and suitability. From our fully equipped test kitchens with 68 sensory booths equipped with RedJade®, Tragon’s proprietary data collection system, to our three large quantitative/qualitative rooms equipped with seven SMART Boards™; these facilities can meet any research need.

RedJade Direct Data Entry

Data Collection

We developed RedJade®, our proprietary data collection system, simply because there is nothing else on the market that meets Tragon’s strict research control factors and functionality options.

Benefits include:

  • Real-time accurate data
  • Automated control of balanced-
    block-design during data collection
  • Web-based application for anywhere anytime use/automated reporting (live results), which enables customers to login through our client web portal to access results to their study in real-time from anywhere in the world.
  • Web-based, industry-standard application base
  • Live Results™ offer instant cross-tabs results by demographic

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SMART Board™

Descriptive analysis and qualitative research sessions are conducted using Smart™ board technology that is thoroughly equipped throughout our facilities. Smart™ boards combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a PC. In addition to ensuring accuracy and efficiency, they allow our clients to view sessions in real time and across multiple locations.

The interactive, digital whiteboard:

  • Allows site-to-site data conferencing for collaboration
  • Captures the file for future reference, review, and distribution
  • Exports board contents to standard file formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, or graphics files (JPG, GIF, and BMP)
  • Can access web information for use and presentation during focus groups
Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen

Tragon’s test kitchens are state-of-the-art and designed with critical control factors as well as efficiency, accuracy and quality.

Features include:

  • 68 individual sensory booths each equipped with RedJade®, Tragon’s proprietary data collection system
  • Built-in microwave oven banks
  • Convection and conventional ovens and other necessary food service equipment
  • Industrial frozen and refrigeration
  • Climate and pressure controlled booths
  • Significant electrical and gas capacity to handle any project need
  • Secure, individualized storage
Sidel QDA Viewing Room

Tragon QDA® Suite

Our Qualitative Suite, featuring duel SMART Board™ interactive whiteboards, has been designed and constructed to meet the specific technical needs of sensory testing research. Our clients can observe testing sessions from a spacious, tiered viewing room, or from a dedicated conference room and lounge area or even from their own desktop.

Features of the Qualitative Suite include:

  • Digitally interactive SMART Board™
  • Video and audio recording capabilities
  • Client observation room with one-way window and tiered seating for 10
  • Closed-circuit video feed to Client Conference Room for overflow seating
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Dedicated client PC and printer
Stone Conference Room

Client Conference Room

There is no more productive environment than a face-to-face meeting. With that in mind, we encourage our clients to join us at our home office, where we can meet with them personally to present our recommendations, demonstrate our research models, clarify how we quantify and analyze data, and explain how that translates into sound marketing decisions.

Features of our Client Conference Room include:

  • 58" LCD screen with SMART™ Board technology and PC input for presentations
  • Satellite TV reception
  • Closed-circuit video feed from our Qualitative Suite for overflow seating
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Conveniently located near the Tragon QDA® Suite and Client Lounge
Client Lounge

Client Lounge

Between meetings and test-session observations, our clients are welcome to relax and do business in our spacious lounge.

Features of the lounge include:

  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Espresso/coffee bar
  • Bar and lounge seating for your entire group
  • Satellite television
  • Located in picturesque Redwood Shores with walking trails along beautiful lagoon