Douglas Vort

President & CEO

As Chief Executive Officer, Vort is responsible for all operations of the firm. Prior to joining Tragon, he was President of ComputerCare where he oversaw the firm’s growth from a regional computer repair center to the third-largest IBM service-provider in the U.S. Vort, who has also held management roles at Oracle Corporation and E&J Gallo, holds a B.S. degree in Finance from the University of the Pacific.

Brian Adkins

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer of Tragon, Adkins is responsible for assisting Mr. Vort in providing leadership and vision to the company. His day-to-day management efforts ensure that Tragon effectively accomplishes its mission. As part of his duties Adkins is responsible for the automation and integrity of the data collection and analysis process. Prior to joining Tragon, he worked for ChefsBest developing a data collection and automation analysis application for their sensory group. In 1986 Brian founded ComputerCare, a regional IT solutions provider where he first met Mr. Vort. Mr. Adkins brings extensive hands-on experience in technology and business management to his duties as COO. He received his B.S. in Computer Engineering from Baylor University.

Rebecca Bleibaum

Chief Sensory Officer

A key member of Tragon since 1992, Bleibaum oversees Tragon’s worldwide sales and custom primary research. In addition to her direct responsibilities at Tragon, Bleibaum also chairs the sensory committee for ASTM; is an officer of the Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP); is a guest lecturer for various technical organizations; and Co-developer and instructor of the UC Davis Applied Sensory Science and Consumer Testing Certificate Program for Distance Learners. Bleibaum earned her B.S. from U.C. Davis and her M.A. in Physiological Psychology and Psychophysics from Washington University, specializing in Consumer Behavior.

Clara Tao, Ph.D.

Vice President, Sensory & Consumer Insights

Clara manages the Consumer Insights and Project Managers. Prior to joining Tragon, she worked for Jamba Juice as the Scientific Affairs Manager in food regulatory and sensory evaluation. She was also formerly with Safeway in Quality Assurance managing beverages (including carbonated soft drinks, juices, bottled water) and frozen produces. Her experience includes food and nutrition product development, quality assurance, and food regulatory. She is a peer review for Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and Journal of Food Science. She received her Ph.D. from Florida State University in Nutrition and Food Science.

Heather A. Thomas

Vice President, Research & Analysis

Thomas is responsible for Tragon’s worldwide data analysis, specializing in product optimization techniques, segmentation research, experimental design, choice-based modeling, and advanced multivariate analysis techniques. She is also a trained Tragon QDA® panel moderator. Thomas received her B.S. in Food Science from U.C. Davis. She is co-author, with Stone and Sidel, of Hitting the Target: Sensory and Product Optimization.