An interactive research process, Tragon PRESearch™ identifies new product and brand expansion opportunities. PRESearch™ is designed to understand your consumer by exploring product usage and attitudes that focus on unmet needs, leading to the development of prototypes, and ultimately, the validation of concept-to-product “fit”. From web based surveys to Tragon QDA®, a comprehensive array of sensory and consumer research methods are utilized throughout this exploratory process.

Tragon PRESearch™ empowers you to develop and grow your brands with consumer preferred products.

Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (Tragon QDA®)

Developed by Tragon in 1974 and imitated throughout the industry, Tragon QDA® delivers precise information in consumer-based language for product development, competitive assessment, establishing sensory specifications for quality control, and advertising claim substantiation.

Tragon QDA® is developed by consumers to describe your products in their own words and enables you to communicate with consumers about your products on packaging and in advertising.

Qualitative Sensory Immersion (QSI®)

Through interactive sessions, Tragon QSI® explores and captures the unbiased attitudes of consumers, and channels their needs and wants in a focused and disciplined way, thereby obtaining highly accurate and actionable information that is critical at every age of a product’s lifecycle, from innovation through product maintenance for mature categories.

Product Optimization (PROP™)

The highest expression of Tragon’s capabilities, PROP™ is an experimental approach to determine important sensory and analytical measures that predict product preferences, and identify combinations of important measures that will yield optimal product liking.

Tragon PROP™ shortens your product development time, identifies the competitive strengths and vulnerabilities as well as gaps and overlaps in your portfolio. Tragon PROP™ determines if you need one product or several, and the road map to make it.

Focus Groups/Qualitative Services

Focus Groups, Individual Interviews and Ideation Groups explore consumer behavior in a direct and interactive way, complementing quantitative data to craft a more comprehensive picture of product marketing opportunities. Complete focus group services including state of the art and spacious focus group and client viewing rooms.

Focus groups identify overlooked product features and benefits that drive acceptance, before development moves to commercialization.


Determines whether an ingredient change results in a detectable product difference. Data collection is quick with results available the same day. Discrimination tests are very sensitive and Tragon recommends using the duo-trio methodology for such tests.

Discrimination testing provides rapid feedback to the development team to determine if there is a perceivable difference between products.

Category Reviews

Provides companies with an overview of a product category. Category reviews provide an in-depth sensory analysis and consumer preferences to determine what attributes are driving consumer acceptance in a category. Client provided analytical data can be incorporated as well to obtain sensory and analytical models that predict consumer acceptance.

Category reviews provide a current, relative data base to understand the product category and what is driving consumer preference.

Central Location Testing (CLT)

Acceptance testing allows companies to understand how well their products/packages are liked and can identify product concept dissonance. CLTs can be recruited and fielded quickly with targeted consumers from our extensive database of households.

CLTs provide the client with rapid feedback regarding product acceptance.

Home Use Testing (HUT)

A home use test involves participants evaluating products in a natural usage environment. This allows the consumer to use the product for an extended period of time in a real world situation and allows the manufacturer to understand how their product performs without the controlled conditions present in central location testing.

Web Surveys

Web Surveys are efficient methods for gathering consumer data. Tragon can capture consumer opinions and attitudes among a pre-defined consumer target or a random sample reflecting the local and global populations. Concept exploration, package design reviews, consumer product usage and attitudes are just a few of the topics that can be captured via a web survey.

Tragon Web Surveys are a quick and efficient data collection tool.

Advertising Claims

Provides substantiated sales and marketing messages to support your brand. Specific advertising claims can be validated using one of several methods including Tragon QDA®, Central Location and Home Use.

Tragon’s expertise in Advertising Claim Substantiation and membership on the ASTM Ad Claim committee uniquely qualifies Tragon as a leader in AD Claim Testing Services.

Corporate and Open Workshops

Programs provide specific information about uses for sensory testing. Corporate Programs are customized to fit individual companies and Open Workshops are offered in CA for individual professionals in the field. Topics rotate on an annual basis and provide detailed and practical information on a wide range of topics covering all aspects of sensory evaluation and consumer testing.

Tragon workshops combine lectures with problem-solving situations and attendance is limited to provide maximum benefit.

Program Review

Designed to enhance the value of your sensory program, our reviews include an evaluation of current testing, groups being served, use and processing of information, potential for growth, test strategy, and decision-making.

Extensive documentation including recommendations for organizational planning and staffing, test strategy, information processing and decision-making are provided.


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