Three times a year in Redwood Shores, CA, Tragon hosts workshops dedicated to exploring various aspects of sensory and marketing research. The workshops are open to the public.

These popular industry events usually include interactive case studies, exercises, and team assignments that provide a unique opportunity to interface with colleagues and to experience research theory and techniques on a practical, relevant level.

We also conduct custom workshops for industry groups and clients worldwide that cover diverse marketing research topics. Customer workshops, which can be held in corporate facilities, often focus on helping internal development and marketing staff with individual challenges through the analysis of consumer data collected by our staff for the customer.

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At Tragon, we make the leap from theory to practice, from the laboratory to the marketplace.

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Tragon’s scientists, technologists, and marketing specialists are on the leading edge of innovation.

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Sensory and marketing departments often speak different languages – our brochure can help you bridge the gap

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